Roller Racer Fitness Center

Lesson Instructions

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Full set-up takes 2-5 hours depending on how you mark your boundaries and how many Fitness Center stations are included. I also post a Roller Racer Fitness Center word wall and post poster-size Roller Racer Fitness Center Rubric. I usually go in the Sunday before to set up the whole thing. Throughout the 1-1/2 to 2 week unit, I put up equipment only (leave tape on floor) and sweep floor approximately 4-6 times. Students are great at helping pick it up and putting it all back in place.

I almost always do this lesson/unit the last 1-1/2 to 2 weeks of school before Winter Break. Good cumulative review of activities we have done first semester, and good chance for independent activity that doesn’t require constant re-directions or too many rules to follow in that time when everyone is antsy prior to Winter Break. Students get A LOT of large muscle, cardio work and always leave sweaty and invigorated.

Lesson Plan is for kinder through 5th grade.

Modifications made for different grade levels include:
*no fitness stations used;
*A-B-C squares instead;
*Day 1 and 2 (per class ability, level, etc) A-B-C squares are in order around inside perimeter of Fitness Center; students can choose to start with “A” or start with “Z”; say the letter, then do 5 jumping jacks or 3 burpees or 3 high knee jumps; repeat around perimeter for all 26 letters.
*Day 3 and 4 A-B-C squares are in mixed-up order around inside perimeter of Fitness Center; students find letters in order (or backwards order); say the letter, then do 5 jumping jacks or 3 burpees or 3 high knee jumps; repeat around perimeter for all 26 letters.

1st through 5th grade:
* use fitness station activities
* 1-3 fewer stations for grades 1,2 than grades 3-4-5 (ability level, space awareness, time)
* station examples include: run in place, curl-ups, step-ups, V-sit, stretch and hold, jumping jacks, crab kicks, plank beanbag tower, burpees (squat thrusts), push-ups, down-dog/up-dog, tree pose, windmill, mountain climbers, standing broad jump, squat steps
* make sure students know how to do your fitness activities before you begin Roller Racer Fitness Center
* increase repetitions as age, grade level, ability increases (using dice for math integration)
Dice: student rolls dice in fitness station tub; students can work together as they go through fitness stations
*grades 1-2 students add multiple dice to come up with number of repetitions (increase number of dice in tub as lesson days progress)
*grades 1-2 IF available to student(s), multiply two dice to get number of repetitions
*grades 3-4-5 students use variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division to determine number of repetitions (based on individual abilities – academic and physical)

Giant Journal:
* I will pose a basic, simple (one or two word answer) question to the students and students will journal their response as some time during one of their Fitness Center rotations.
* Answers can be free hand, or plotted on a visual graph.

* Examples of questions for Giant Journal; include:
– Which Fitness Center station is your favorite?
– Which muscle group do you want to strengthen?
– Which muscle group do you feel is your strongest?
– Which muscle group do you feel is your weakest?
– What has been your favorite PE lesson so far this year?
-Name two things you are going to do over Winter Break to stay sweaty?
– List 3 quick things you have learned from Roller Racer Fitness Center?
– Which rule is the most important in Roller Racer Fitness Center?


  • Roller racers
  • Cones (variety of sizes)
  • Floor marking tape
  • buckets, or plastic tubs
  • Fit Spots
  • Dice (2-6 dice per station tub)
  • Mats
  • A-B-C carpet squares (kinder)
  • Variety of equipment, depending on Fitness Center stations
  • Giant Journal
  • Markers
  • Music

Lesson Duration




[if ffstdother]

Other/Alternative Standard(s)

  • Physical Education SHAPE Standards 1 – 5

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