We’ve fixed a few things around here

1. New submission form

The new submission/editing form is functional and works far better than previously. The new Add+Edit Curriculum page will allow the user to

  • Click on the name of their lesson to see its live published page;
  • Click on the Edit button on any given lesson to make changes to it; and
  • To delete, site-wide, any of their own lessons.

2. Saving/resuming a draft submission

The new process for saving a draft is improved and doesn’t rely on an emailed link to the user. At any point during a curriculum’s initial creation, the user will see a “Save Draft” button with the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the form. (The Next and Previous buttons take the user through the different pages of the form.) Also, once the user proceeds past the first page of the form, it will automatically save the progress as a draft. If the user leaves the form/site, after saving a draft, and returns to the Add+Edit Curriculum screen, they can click on “Add (or Resume) Curriculum” to pick up where they left off.

Also, please note that if the user is editing an existing/published lesson, the Save Draft button will not appear.

3. Form remembers data when editing

When editing a draft or previously published lesson, the form remembers which boxes you check marked for standards and whatnot, unlike the previous version.

4. Upload, Videos, and Standards…oh, my.

Multiple files are now allowed to be uploaded to the file upload field. I’ll work on making the language for that field clearer.

A video can be uploaded, but with limited to file size due to bandwidth concerns. For longer videos, it is suggested that the user host the video on a service like YouTube and embed it into the Lesson Instructions.

Standards are incomplete still, but will be added as we can get to them. Users are encouraged to fill out as much of the standard info as they can, and then edit in the future as new standards are added.

5. Previously published curricula has been migrated

I manually migrated all the published (not draft) curricula from the first version of the site. Some of it was incomplete. For example, some users referenced uploads in their instructions that weren’t actually uploaded to the site. This may have been due to the poor handling of uploaded originally though. I am quite confident that I accurately migrated all lessons, however some contents may have shifted during flight. Some of the very specific standards for certain categories are not yet available on the new version and were omitted during migration. If something seems to be missing, let me know. I kept an archive of the first version of the site.

6. General Layout/Design issues.

We’re working on making the layouts of various pages like Curricula, homepage, etc… look better. Please bear with us. The form is functional in the meantime.

7. What next?

Any feedback can be sent in via the Submit Feedback button on each page or directly at share@opensourceed.org.

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