What difference did you make in the world today?


This is a group project used as a final assessment for SOC 101 dual credit course (high school and college credit)

Lesson Instructions

This is a culminating activity for an Introduction to Sociology course that has the students demonstrate their knowledge of sociological concepts, theoretical frameworks as they apply them to a topic of their interest.It is group based, project based learning.  It is build on a inquiry based learning approach. Inquiry based learning allows for the “future sociologists” to “create essential questions, investigate widely, and then build new understandings, meanings, and knowledge.” (Alberta, 2004) This is all centered on the question. “What Difference Did You Make in the World Today?”

Additional Resources for Teacher Training

Inquire based learning- See Trevor Mackenzie’s book Dive Into InquiryUDL- www.cast.org

Summative Assessment(s)

This is a summative assessment focused on knowledge learned and demonstrated throughout the course. Rubric attached in lesson plan

Student Self-Assessment

There is a student self assessment and peer assessment built into rubric.


  • Access to canvas

URL for External Curriculum


Lesson Duration

3 in class sessions; 1 presentation in class; 2-5 hours outside of class


Last 3 weeks of course. Prerequisite: Active participation in course.


  • #society
  • #sociology


  • Social Studies
  • Writing


  • Common Core ELA
  • WIDA Standards
  • Common Core ELA
  • Grade 6-12 ELA: History/Social Studies

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Other/Alternative Standard(s)

  • ASA Code of Ethics; ISTE Standards

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