A Fraction of a Paycheck

Authentic & Meaningful: To ensure authenticity it is important for students to realize that this is in fact an actual real life financial literacy situation in which money comes in and must be aware of where and how much money goes out. It is tapping in to something that all of my students whether ELL , SPED, or General Ed can relate to which is money. It transcends around the world. All students are aware of money and the basics of such, therefore not much preteaching of the amount of money is needed. Linked to Objective: I want students to see that equivalent fractions and comparing fractions is something that is useful beyond the classroom. I want them to be aware that in real world area is something that is a skill that can be used for common things such as money. Promotes Engagement: Students will be engaged as they see this as more of a humanitarian social issue at the beginning, but also the problem solving of determining money.

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